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Accommodation Price

Average prices for accommodation are great indicators of average level of life, which can help you building correct expectations! We have analysed average prices for 2-bed flats inside and outside city centres. On average, renting in Hawalli is pretty cheap, so you can definitely find some cost effective places!

Average 2-bedroom price: $679.26 per month

Restaurant Price

Whenever you go solo-travelling or travel with partner/friends - you will probably want to enjoy local restaurant food. What you definitely don't want - is to get unexpected bill in the end or awkward silence when you see the menu! Generally, restaurant food in Hawalli is very cheap, so enjoy all the nicest meals!

Average meal price: $19.3

Average restaurant price in Hawalli
Average takeaway price in Hawalli

Takeaway Price

At the end of the day, local takeaway food is quick, convenient and sometimes very tasty! So definitely take the opportunity to try it out, or just use as a plan Z.

On average, fast food in Hawalli is pretty cheap, make sure you don't over-eat!

Average meal price: $8.04

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