Under the stars – 5 exceptional camping spots in Europe

Under the stars – 5 exceptional camping spots in Europe
Travonto.com Team
Travonto.com Team

Although tents are one of the oldest types of dwellings, even today people still enjoy tucking themselves away in tents, yurts and tepees, to awake in the morning surrounded by nature. Nowadays, you don’t have to sacrifice luxury and comfort for the sake of mobility. Whether you’re on the road in an RV or a devoted fan of the newest craze known as “Glamping,” one thing is for certain: a well outfitted, clean place to stay is an absolute must. Today, we’ll introduce you to 5 of the best camping spots in Europe, in the very nicest locations! 

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Camping Michelangelo, Florence, Italy

Who says you have to visit places far away from any civilization to spend an idyllic camping holiday? That’s not the impression you’ll get at the Michelangelo Campsite in the Italian city of Florence. Just outside the Florentine city walls, you’ll find this camping spot on a hill nestled amid a shady olive grove. Within 15 minutes by foot (or after a short bus trip) you’ll reach the city, cross the Arno River and find yourself right at the most important sights and attractions of Florence. But you don’t even have to leave the campground to enjoy a comfortable visit: from here, you’ll enjoy a fabulous view of the sea of Florence’s rooftops and the hills beyond them. Camping Michelangelo is ideal for young people and pairs, and it’s fully equipped with Wi-Fi, parking spots and a bar – which all means move quickly, book early!

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Alpencamping Nenzing, Vorarlberg, Austria

A trend that’s slowly spreading across the globe: Glamping, a combination of Glamour and Camping. It’s best suited for those who don’t want to lug around a camp stove, or deal with questionable sanitary conditions or plagues of insects, but who still want to enjoy the rustic feel and closeness to nature that camping provides. In Austria’s Vorarlberg, you can experience all this at Alpencamping Nenzing. Luxury and nature meet here: situated in the Austrian Alps, this campground is ideal for the whole family. Kids will enjoy the huge playground, children’s area and countless kid’s programs. Meanwhile parents can spend the day mountain biking, hiking or running (a number of routes start directly at the campground), and in the evening retire to the spa for a bubble in the hot tub or a sweat in the sauna. Luxurious, clean and fully equipped with its own alpine shop! 

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Zaton Holiday Resort – Zadar, Croatia

The Zaton Holiday Resort should belong on any list of the best camping spots in Europe, but with its large playground, outdoor grills and other amenities, this location is the perfect spot for families. Immediately behind the campground you’ll find a private stretch of beach – and if the emerald blue water is too cold for you, there’s a heated swimming pool. And you’re not far removed from civilization here either: in the evening you can take a pleasant stroll down the beach promenade or take a drive to the city of Zadar, about 17km away.

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Castel L’Anse du Brick, Normandy, France

You’re never far from the ocean here! When you arrive at the Castel L’Anse du Brick campground on the Cotentin Peninsula, you’re instantly treated to panoramic views of glittering ocean waves. The campground is surrounded by a one-of-a-kind natural landscape, but there’s no limit to the countless activities you’ll find nearby. For example, you can take a day trip to places of historical interest such as Tatihou Island or the landing beaches of World War II. Nature lovers can enjoy a hike along the beach or through the forest. The campground itself offers a water park and a great program for kids, with activities around a cozy campfire.

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Camping Julianahoeve – Renesse, Netherlands

On the wide beach behind the Julianahoeve campground, it’s entirely possible you’ll see a seal frolicking in the waves. Not far from the campground, you can lose yourself in the sandy dunes, snorkel and dive in the ocean or cycle the backroads on a free loaner bicycle. If you’re in the mood for something livelier, a quick trip to the nearby city of Renesse beckons, where you can stroll among the many restaurants and shops. The campground is completely modernized and is very well cared for, and is also fully equipped with a restaurant, water park, and seasonal outdoor pool. You don’t have to do too much extra thinking, as many incidentals are included in the price, including Wi-Fi, parking spot, use of kitchen facilities and loaner bicycles.

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