Trip to Philippines in January 2018

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 11 Jan - 26 Jan 2018 (16 days trip)
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Hi everyone,

I will tell you about our trip to Philippines in Jan 2018...

Just some general facts about Philippines we have notices ourselves:
- People are amazing, even nicer than Thai
- Not that many tourists comparing to Thailand
- Food is not that good comparing to Thai
- Be ready for flight delays, boat cancelations etc

We have arrived to Manila first, then flew straight to Palawan (Puerto Princesa). Stayed in Puerto Princesa just for a night (nothing to do it there), then we took a van in the morning to go to El Nido (south of Palawan, beautiful place), it took us 6 hours to drive, but that was the only option for us! It stoped several times for a break, so it wasn't that bad! We have spend about 3 days in El Nido!

Then we took a boat to Coron, small island next to Palawan, very beautiful, you can take different tours to other small islands from there, make sure you visit island called CYC and others. We've stayed about 4 days in Coron! If you like diving make sure you do for it over there, you can dive and see sunk ships (Japanese ships which were destroyed by Americans during Second World War)

Then we flew to Cebu. In Cebu we took a boat straight away to go to Bohol island. We didn't stay in Cebu itself but I would suggest you to stay may be for a day or two over there, just to see waterfalls, it's so beautiful! Also it's popular for Whale Sharks but we didn't go there because we don't support companies who keep animals in cages but it's up to you!

In Bohol we have spend 6 days, I think it was too much to be honest, I know it's a very big island but 3 or 4 days over there I think will be more than enough for you to see the most popular attractions! Make sure that you do the following while you are in Bohol:

- Visit Balicasag island, this island itself is ok, but you can see green turtles in there and underwater world is just amazing, coral reef is perfect and you can see so many beautiful fish
- Visit Chocolate Hills
- See Tarsiers animals (see the picture below). These animals only exists in Philippines!
- See dolphins, rent a private small boat, it usually leaves at 5am to definitely found dolphins. Amazing experience.

So that was an amazing trip, hope you will enjoy it as well!
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