We would recommend to stay away from countries that have critical amount of infection cases!

Some countries are currently suffering critical amount of infection cases. If you have planned travelling to any of the affected countries in near future - we would recommend contacting your airline, because most possibly your flight got cancelled. Also, these countries have highest chance to get infected, so maybe it's worth moving your trip to later date when everything calms down!

What are "Warnings"?
Travonto Team's main mission is to enable, inform & connect! And keeping you informed about global warnings, whether they are weather cataclysms or safety concerns - we think it is AMUST for us to inform you!
We would recommend taking extra precaution when travelling to countries with active infection cases!
Even though this city does not have many virus cases, we would recommend being extra careful and don't forget about basic hygiene!
Even though the amount of coronavirus cases is <100, we still thought we would like to make you aware.